Friday, January 7, 2011

3rd set of 10 Blankets..

So between September and October, I made another 10 blankets and wanted to share them!

I did another planetary blanket, but with a blue dotted minky which turned out just as cool as the green!!

Next was a really soft green boy print, on a striped mint minky..  I loved the softness of this one!

I've used this blue airplane print before..  Its one of my favorites.  This was an embroidered lap pad..


I did another embroidered Sponge Bob eyes blanket...


This one was an embroidered double minky blanket and lap pad set.  One side was a smooth brown with white polka dotted minky, and a pink damask minky on the other.  Super soft and very pretty!

The next one was also a double minky, a blue shaggy spa minky on one side and a gray dotted minky on the other.  This one was very thick and soooooo comfy!


This one was a custom order.  The family had already purchased the fabric and sent it to me.  It was a Thomas The Tank Engine Fleece on the top and a super soft double sided spa minky on the other...

Due to the fact that there aren't very many Star Wars fabrics out there, we had to get creative with this one..  The Star Wars print is actually a bed sheet, paired with a blue dotted minky..  Lane announced "My need one of deese!"  (He is a Star Wars addict.)

I made the Star Wars blanket along with this cotton Tinker Bell blanket.  I loved the colors on this one!


And for the sister of the double minky pink damask with brown and white polka dots -  a double minky purple damask with brown and white polka dots set!


It won't be long before I have the 4th set of 10 to share!

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