Saturday, January 8, 2011

How my blankets fit on a twin sized bed..

I get asked a lot about how my blankets fit in a twin sized bed.. 
Please excuse the wonky pictures..  The only twin sized bed we have is Lane's upper bunk on his bunk bed (which explains all the rails around it).  I had to pretend to be a contortionist and creatively stand on things in his room to get these pictures.  (Hubby came in and helped me with one of them.  He has a height advantage.)

This is the smaller throw or cuddle sized blanket. 
You can see it doesn't quite reach the end of the bed, or the bottom of the pillow.  But still has a lot of coverage.

This is the size of the twin sized blanket.
You can see that it reaches from the foot of the bed, and ends midway under where the pillow would be (but doesn't quite reach to the head of the bed.)
It also does not hang off the sides.  Twin sized weighted blankets aren't supposed to drape off the sides of the bed, because the weight tends to pull them off on the floor.

So there it is..  How my 2 typical blanket sizes fit on a twin sized bed.  Of course, I make custom sizes too!  :D

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