Saturday, January 8, 2011

The next set of 10 blankets..

These 10 blankets were made between the end of October and the middle of December..  :D

This blanket was my first local blanket and the first I didn't have to ship!  :D
It was a Toy Story Flannel, on a red dotted minky. 

I used this blue puppy print on the 2nd blanket I made - but this time I used it for a lap pad.  It was paired with a brown dotted minky. 

This was a twin sized white with pink and orange daisy flannel print, paired with a medium pink dotted minky.. 

I've used this John Deere print before, but this one was for the brother of the very first blanket owner I ever made!  :D 

I have to admit...  This next blanket SCARED me.  Minky is not only slippery, its stretchy and is a challenge to work with itself..  But to pair it with satin!?  I was frightened..  It was a custom size (larger than a lap pad, smaller than a blanket) and it turned out well!  :D

I've used this fabric before also.. But this time I made a lap pad out of it..   I've somehow "misplaced" the pictures I took of the actual lap pad.  I got a new laptop around the time I made this one..  But this is the fabrics I used.  Picture it in a lap pad for the time being please!  :D

Thankfully this order came in after the smaller satin/minky blanket, because this one would have probably taken 2 tries had I not had a little practice... But its a light green satin with a brown dotted minky.

This was my first animal print blanket!  A twin orange tiger striped cotton with a black dotted minky...

This was a blue kind of tonal tye died print with a soft blue dotted minky on the bottom side.. It was very cool!

And last but not least..  A brown flannel with a pink dotted minky lap pad...

I'm already 3 blankets into my next 10..  So it won't be long before I will have 10 more to show off.. 

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