Saturday, September 4, 2010

My 2nd - 10 blankets..

I posted the first 10 blankets for Anja's Creations a few weeks ago..  I now have made 10 more!  (Boy those came a lot faster than the first 10 did!)
(And I have 2 more I'm waiting for fabric to arrive for already!)

I've really enjoyed making all of these.  Each persons taste has been so unique, and each one of these blankets has been so different, its really been fun to sit back and see what kind of fabric I'm running for next!

Anyway,  I actually forgot to take a picture of the lappad for this one (until it was already boxed and I was in line at the Post Office!  :(   )   It was done with these 2 fabrics and came out looking really cool! 


This was ordered as a matching lap pad and blanket combo, and was my first blanket with minky on both the front of the blanket and the back.  It was a fun challange (minky is both slick AND stretchy)..  If you look closely you can see Ellie embroidered in the green side of the blanket, right next to where the brown is folded down.

A Navy Blue Flannel, with a Dotted Blue Minky...

This lappad/small blanket was my biggest challange yet!  This one was for a little guy who needed it to fit in his wheel chair after suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury (always have your kids wear bike helmets!!).  They needed the weights to be able to be removed,  so they could change the weight as needed.  It was not easy, but Matt and I do love a good challange!  (He did help me quite a bit with this one...)  I'm super happy with this one, becuase it LOOKS just like all of of my other blankets, but one end velcros closed, so they can slide the tubes of pellets in and out as needed.

My next all minky, was done in all pink...  It was so delicate looking...  :D

This planets blanket is one of my favorites  - just for how vibrant the fabric is!  It really was a VERY COOL blanket!!

I did another flames lap pad, but this time with a black minky backing.  Which also turned out very cool!

This brown and pink combo turned out very elegant!  :D

And last, but not least - a very cute pink whales print..  For a little girl who loves fish apparently!  (And a little pocket in the corner was requested to carry a little lovie fish apparently!  LOL  it was really cute too!) 
(Sorry about the lighting I took this picture at like 5am and it was still dark out!)

Thats all folks!!!!  :D

Friday, September 3, 2010

Coolest Mommy Award!

Ok, so I am awarding myself the "Coolest Mommy Award!" for a couple of weeks (don't worry Moms, it won't be long til I screw up and will have to give the award back for bad behavior..)

Anyway - Lane is OBSESSED with Star Wars.  Not this new Clone Wars junk, but old school Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Millennium Falcon REAL STAR WARS.

All we could find was the Clone Wars junk on backpacks and lunch boxes...   Not really interested.
(Ok ok, we did find these totally rockin Chewbaca Backpacks   but I couldn't bring myself to drop $50 on a backpack that wouldn't hold a folder...  I read the reviews..  LOL) 

So I got a plain old Target brand backpack for $8.99, a plain old Target Brand Lunch Box for $3.99, some inkjet iron on printer paper for dark colors (it was $7.99 before my 40% off coupon at Michaels, for 5 sheets) and a little free Google Image browsing...
And voila - Coolest Mommy Award Material!  :D

I'm not going to lie, it wasn't easy to iron on the images with out melting the bags.  LOL  In fact, if you looked close enough at the dark gray seam to the right of the Star Wars logo, you'd see where I did infact melt the lunch box..  But what ever, he is happy.

And my action shot:
(I didn't do anything crafty with Andra's backpack, though she is still carrying the soft lunchbox I made her last year...)