Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Remember what GOOD Customer Service is like??

Its so rare that you hear about GOOD customer service anymore...

After seeing a review blog on the Silhouette SD cutter (here) I wanted one..  I had eyeballed the Cricuts for a while, but never could justify the cost of the cutter AND all the cartridges.
But the Silhouette was MUCH more affordable.  ($200 at Overstock.com)

I got the cutter, the first couple of things Andra and I cut were paper...

Then the Vinyl I ordered came in and I was almost giddy!  I had already saved up some images to cut out in Vinyl and couldn't WAIT to try it..
Much to my disappointment, it kept peeling the letters off the vinyl while it was still cutting.
I did a little googling found out some good tips (like the fin on the blade needs to be in the 3:00 position for paper and in the 6:00 position for vinyl..) and tried again.  It still peeled.

Now, I'm fairly tech savvy - I have been a computer tech for over 10 years now..

I emailed Silhouette's customer service told them about my problem and about what I had already tried to do to fix it.
With in 2 hours, I had a response with some good troubleshooting advice.
It helped, it peeled less, but was still peeling.
So I emailed again, and this time with in 15 minutes I had a response.  After answering a couple of easy questions they informed me they were sending a new blade set to try, it seemed as though my blades were a little too long or sharp.  (Great for paper, bad for vinyl!)

It only took a couple of days to receive the replacement parts. 

I have to say I've been very impressed with how fast their customer service team has responded to my problems and how very helpful they have been.


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susies1955 said...

That is SUCH good news. I just received mine.
USCUTTER had it for $179.
It will be my Christmas present so I'm just trying to learn the software and read the manual.
I plan to follow your blog so I can hear more about your adventures with it.