Friday, March 16, 2012

Even though this is not my first rodeo with a lab puppy..  In fact, this is my THIRD rodeo with a lab puppy.  There is something intoxicating about stinky puppy breath that fools you into thinking this is what life with a new lab puppy is going to be like...

All sweetness...

Cuddling while watching TV...

Oliver would love having a sibling to spend time with...

Lots of sweet sleepy puppy naps...

Here is a better example of what life with a Lab Puppy is REALLY like.....

"Lucy!  Let go of my camera strap!"

"Lucy!  What did you do to the laundry sorter!?"

"Lucy!  No!! GET OFF MY LEG!"

Razor Sharp Puppy Teeth..


"Lucy!  NO DIGGING!"

"Lucy!  Get off of Oliver you BULLY!"

"Lucy NO!  Well, I guess we didn't need the hearth protector anymore..."

"Lucy!  Get out of the washing machine!"

"Lucy!  You bed hog!  Thats my spot!!"

"Lucy!  No!  Off the broom!  I'm trying to sweep!!!"

I seriously wonder what we were thinking sometimes.....

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Note To Self

If you aren't going to be dressed by the time the bus comes to pick up the kids, you need to start wearing better jammies and at least a sports bra..

That way when your puppy escapes when the kids run out the door, and you have to go chasing her up the driveway and out into the street - your boobs aren't flying around in your old maternity nightgown your still sporting (11 years later).

(In front of all the kids on the school bus, the bus driver (who works with your dad), and all your neighbors who you are holding up from heading on to work...)

It was an awesome way to start my day.

I'll introduce you to said puppy soon.  She's a trip.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Only where I'm from...

I got a good giggle at the gym last night.  Only in my little town would you see a guy at the gym working out in a white under type shirt, blue jeans, and work boots.

(I realize the pic isn't great, I was trying to be discrete and still keep his face out of the pic.)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baby Bjorn Carrier Make Over

So a good friend of mine was having her second baby a while back...  She had lent her sister her black BabyBjorn carrier, and when she got it back it was looking a little well washed and with bleach splotches on the straps..  (Bad sister!)
Instead of going and dropping another almost $70 on a new one, I borrowed hers for a couple of days and fancied it up a little bit..
I didn't get very many before pics, but I thought I'd share what pics I do have..

It turned out way cool and only cost about $10 in fabric to do it..

Monday, January 30, 2012

You may or may not know this about me - but I am a computer technician by day. 
Last week my coworker got a call that a memory card was not reading..  He snapped this picture for us...

In case you can't identify the problem, floppy disk drives can not read memory cards. 

Monday, January 23, 2012




Burn out T-shirts are very popular and can be super cute.  If you don't know what a burn out shirt is, here is one.

Let me repeat myself.  BURN OUT SHIRTS ARE MEANT TO BE WORN OVER ANOTHER SHIRT.  Be it another t-shirt, a tank top, or a camisole. 

If I were faster on the draw with my IPhone, I would have had a picture to post with this - but lets just say that fat rolls are totally visible through burn out shirts, as are your tattered/frayed stretched out bras.
It is not cute, flattering, or remotely sexy. 

Save your dignity, and spare the rest of us and slip a tank or camisole on under your burn out T-shirt please.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I'm raising a toast to all of you for a very Happy and Healthy 2012!

My resolutions this year are:
1.  Back on Weight Watchers as of 1/2/2011 - ( I need the 1st to load up on Oliebollen (A Dutch New Years tradition - translation "Oil Balls".  Think fried apple fritters. May I just say YUM!))
2.  More one on one time with the hubby.  Dates, lunches, what ever - time together with out the kiddos.
3.  Get my house organized again.  2011 was a very busy year for us, and my whole home went to pot when football season started.  My goal is to finish getting organized and formulating an attack plan for football season, so we aren't eating crap on the run and letting the house go again.
4.  Occasionally doing something for myself.