Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A nut can - full of snakes...

Did I ever tell you about the time I decided to try and bring back a fullsized feather mattress on an airplane from Alaska with me?? 
Watching Matt and I trying to fit the last blanket I made into its box reminded me of when I did it.. (This was a blanket that the person sent me fabric to use, so I wanted to return their scrap pieces.  I don't usually have this much trouble trying to fit a blanket into a flat rate box - I was just sending back a lot of additional fabric with it!  lol)

I moved from Alaska to Oklahoma for college - because my sister was leaving Alaska with her new hubby, my parents were close to retiring and planned on moving to Oklahoma, and my brother was thinking Oregon sounded nice.  I didn't want to be left up there by myself, so I moved to Okie land ahead of them...
I didn't get to take much with me, just what I could carry on airplanes on trips back and forth.

I wanted my feather bed..

But how would you get a featherbed on an airplane from Alaska to Oklahoma?

Well you visit right after Christmas, and recieve a luggage set as a gift.. 
You decide which one of your suitcases is the largest.
Then you fold said feather bed and stuff as much of it as you can into the suitcase (at this point, 3/4 of it is probably still hanging out.) and you sit and/or stand on it til you let most of the air out between the feathers..  And you shove a little more in quickly, before it has a chance to start taking air back in..
Then sit and de-air whats in the suitcase..
You do this for about 2 hours and find yourself straddling your suitcase, holding onto it for dear life while screaming for someone to come help you zip it, because one wrong move and  it will be like opening one of those cans of nuts with the snakes in it that will pop out and surprise you..
And then you wrap the outside of your suitcase with at least 2 luggage straps, in case the zippers don't hold and hope to God that the TSA didn't choose that bag for a random inspection..

On one hand, we hoped TSA wouldn't inspect that bag (this was pre-9/11) and on the other hand - I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when they did!  LOL 
(Of couse I probably wouldn't have ever seen the suitcase or featherbed again..  But it would have been funny!)

Ahh good times..