Saturday, March 13, 2010

Trading Spaces - Eat your heart out!

If I can do this for $250* - can you imagine what I could accomplish with the $1000 they give you on Trading Spaces!???!??!
(**  The $250 doesn't reflect the stove or pantry.  The Stove in the before pics came with the house, I had brought my nice stove with me from our last house, so that doesn't equate into the cost.  And the cost of building the pantry doesn't equate either, because we did that with $ left over from the sale of our last house...  LOL)
(Notice, there is just dead, unusable space between the fridge and the wall).

Apparently I don't have any good pics of the breakfast nook before, but its the same color, and lovely blue counter tops.....

My Kitchen after Phase I:

Phase II will include new, non-blue counter tops.  New Microwave, new dishwasher..
EVENTUALLY (in a few years when we win the lottery) we'll do new/better tile, and alllllll new cabinets.  In the mean time, I think it looks better!  :D

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Kellye said...

I love it!! Your kitchen looks great!!