Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not my most graceful moment!

I had just got Thing 2 out of his booster and out of the van; I was pushing him towards the sidewalk at the school when my ankle gave out on me. I tried to recover, did a flying death twirl and totally wiped out in the parking lot of the elementary school. (Of course right in front of the bus drivers who hate me! I'm sure they're all back at the bus barn High-5ing one another.)
Me being too proud to admit I'm hurt to anyone jump up (screaming OW! DANG! internally - no really I only swear out loud...) and go "Wow, well that was embarrassing!" as one of the Dads jumps out of his truck and comes running to see if I'm Ok. I thanked him, told him I was fine, and did my best not to limp up to the school..

Thing 2 got a little excited "WOAH! Your almost got runned over by dat car!"
I scraped up my palm, my shin, my new jeans, but most importantly - my beloved shoes. My Danskos.. I got them to help with my feet pain (plantars fasciitis SUCKS), and they were way more money than I usually spend on myself.

I’m getting back in bed and calling a DO OVER.

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