Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Finish this sentence.. I love it when.....

I love it when, I go outside to check and see why my dogs haven't asked to come back inside - and animal control is pulling into my driveway with my dogs in the back of the truck, because they've been next door chasing my neighbor’s cats and harassing them.

I love it when I have to call and apologize to my elderly and very nice neighbors for my stupid dog’s rude behavior.

Yes, the boys took off. Wanna know why? They had had baths.

If they are clean, it is their job to find a way to get stinky. The neighbor kept apologizing for calling the pound on them; she didn't think they were our dogs because they didn't have on collars. Well, I hadn't put their collars on yet because I like to wait til they are good and dry to do that....

In their defense though, last night when we were getting ready to close up the house after a beautiful spring day of windows and doors open, a cat appeared at our doorway to taunt the boys. My guess is she was to blame. (Of course I want to blame the neighbor’s cat!!!!)

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