Friday, March 5, 2010

Am I a control freak? Yes, I probably am.

I decided on my way back to work from lunch, that if I were a fire fighter/EMT - I would need to be the driver of the truck.

I was waiting at the stop light to turn back to the college, and a fire truck was coming, sirens blaring.

The passenger was sitting there calmly flipping through a book, never looked up, and just looked so CALM.

I am SO not that person. I would TOTALLY be passenger-seat driving for the actual driver. Checking the spedo, watching traffic, and making demands from the front seat.

So I should just be the driver.
If I were a fire fighter/EMT.

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Kellye said...

They were probably looking at the map book making sure they were going to the right place. Someone has to navigate the driver. ;) I couldn't do it either. It scares me just to see them drive by. lol. I can't imagine actually being in the truck.