Sunday, March 14, 2010

The redneck way of making a picture collage...

Long story short..  This is how rednecks make a collage picture wall... 
(Go here to see how people with money do it.)

1.  Buy a handful of frames in various sizes - I just bought a couple of each.  I didn't know how many of which sizes I really needed yet.
(Walmart has a line that is made in the USA, made from recycled materials, and cost $3.00 or less per frame.)

2.  Use news paper or paper grocery bags and cut out a piece the same size as the frame.  I traced around the outside of the back of the frame.  Then I turned the frame face down, and put the cut out paper on the back and marked exactly where the nail would need to be in both a horizontal and vertical position..
See the little red arrows pointing to my nail hole spots???  :D  (I'm all high tech and all.)
I cut out more pieces than I had frames for, because I didn't have a set configuration in mind...  And still ended up cutting out more of other sizes during the next step.

3.  I borrowed a few tools from DH's plethora (a level and a square)...  Picked a blank wall, entertained the kids and dogs..  I drew a level/straight square in the approximate size I thought I wanted on that wall in pencil.

4.  Using lots of scotch tape, I started hanging frames around the lines I drew on the wall.   I moved stuff around on the walls, cut out more 5x7 sizes, and moved pieces of paper around on the walls until I was happy with where all the frames were. 
Then I put thumb tacks in the holes where the nails would need to go.
(And then in a severely sleep depraved state, I thought the blank pieces of paper on the wall needed a little something more....)
5.  Then I hung some metal Family and Friends signs that I got 50% off at Hobby Lobby.....

6.  Count how many of which size frame you need, go buy them.
7.   Go buy more frames, because you mis-counted.
8.  Hang the new frames!
(And then please don't do like me and leave the empty frames on your walls for 2 months - while you try to decide which pictures to put on the wall...   ;)   )

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