Monday, June 20, 2011

Well that was embarrassing...

Well that was embarrassing...
I've been going on bike rides as often as I can to help with this weight loss adventure I am on..  I was enjoying myself and decided to not be my usual chicken self and went further than I have before.

I turned around at what I thought was a good spot and realized the second I started back that I was going to get to peddle home against the wind, a lot of it uphill..  NOT SMART.
I got passed by a jeep full of teenagers, who laughed at me.  I whispered dirty things under my breath about them and how they'll be old and fat one day too..

In the midst of my huffing and puffing I missed my turn.  I was concentrating hard and not
I looked around at one point and thought "Hmm, this doesn't look familiar.  I must not have been paying attention during this stretch..." and kept huffing and puffing along.

Then I passed some cows...  "Uh, I don't remember passing cows.."
Then I came to a bridge.. "Uh, I really don't remember crossing this bridge!"

I debated turning around, but I was afraid I'd get even more lost, so I just kept going straight, thinking I'd get to an intersection and know just where I was.  I did.  I looked up and saw the "Welcome to Harrah" sign and went "HOLY CRAP!"  I ended up out on a main road, not where I had intended to be AT ALL..

Now I got to publicly humiliate myself huffing and puffing uphill against the wind on a four lane black top.  EXCELLENT!

I get to the next mile section and the storm rolling in gets a little close.  Lightning and thunder start rolling in and it starts sprinkling on me.  And its getting dark to boot.  I kept huffing and puffing and trying to get home as fast as possible, but I knew I still had 2 miles til I got home.

The lightning got a little close for comfort, so I grabbed my phone out of my little bike pouch and called Matt.  Who was already headed in my direction, coming to find me.

I kept riding til I heard our truck rattling up and got to do the walk of shame to pass it off to Matt and get a ride the rest of the way home (I was 1 1/2 miles from home.)   I rode about 7 1/2 miles.

I will pay for this tomorrow.

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