Thursday, November 24, 2011

Where have I been?

Wondering where I have been? 
Well, I can tell you I have NOT been at home cleaning (or doing laundry).  I have NOT spent much time at the grocery store buying real food for our family to eat.   I have NOT been to the car wash.

I have however spent pretty much August through the first 1/2 of November eating, sleeping, breathing football and cheer.
My weekly schedule went something like this: 
Monday: Andra either had cheer practice at 4:45 or tumbling at 5:30 (occasionally both on the same day.)  Lane had football practice from 6-8.

Tuesday:  Andra had cheer practice from 5-6.  Lane had football practice from 6-8.

Wednesday:  The kids go to Awanna at our church from 6- 7:45.  We have a class from 7:30 to 8:30 at the church as well.

Thursday:  Lane had football practice from 6-8.

Friday:  We often have Sunday School activities, dinners with my parents, or open gym for tumbling.

Saturday:  Both kids had games. (Lane's were at 8:30, Andra's were 12:30ish.  So we were there all day.)

Sunday:  Sunday School and Church.

At one point, the wrestling season had overlapped the football season, so we pulled Lane out of Awanna and had him in the wrestling room working out on Wednesday nights.

Keeping in mind that I work at least 3 days a week at my real job (I put the kids on the bus, go straight to work, and then leave work in time to meet the school bus again.) and I've had a lot of blanket business lately (which is great).  So I had to give up things like updating my blog, pictures, etc. 

But it was well worth it...  My kids had a TON of fun doing it and they both learned SO much.

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