Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some people are above bribery...

I however - AM NOT.

Andra is a REALLY GOOD reader.

When she HAS to be.

She is not the kind of child that likes to sit down and read for fun.  For a child as easily distracted and NOSEY as she is - its almost torturous to expect her to sit and pay attention to the book in front of her.

The library here offers incentives for reading (If you read 8 books, 800 pages or for 8 hours they give you things like coupons for things, cheap plastic toys, a chance to enter drawings for cool stuff, blah blah blah).  That stuff seemed awesome when she signed up, but when it actually came time to sit down and READ the books that we checked out - it didn't seem to be incentive enough to keep her attention.

My solution???
$1.00 for every chapter book read in 4 days or less.
When I first mentioned the $1.00 per book, I saw her eyes float across the room to Lane's little preschool board books and the $$$$ lighting up her little blue eyes.  I needed to make sure I was paying for age appropriate books.  I added the 4 day stipulation, because Andra has only ever finished 2 chapter books that weren't required for school in her life  (seriously) - we are working on "FINISHING" stuff.

So believe it or not, she has read 6 books so far and I do owe her $6.00.  It takes a lot of "encouragement" and "reminders" to get it done, but at least she has FINISHED something. AND, the haggler tried to get me to give her an extra buck for reading a longer book the other day (it was 190 pages instead of the usual 80 or less that Junie B Jones books are...  THATS MY GIRL! ;)  )

Then she told Lane she is getting money for reading.  He wants money now too.  Though his idea of reading a book is opening it, looking at about 3 of the pictures on the pages and asking to play Wii.  He is happy with change (And not the Obama kind...)

What do you do to get your kids reading??

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