Monday, June 14, 2010

Homemade laundry detergent - does it really work!???!

I'm going to say YES it does...

I got this picture from another mom at Pre-K.  Apparently my son was LOVING this ice cream cone...

It happened to be his grandparents day to pick him up and feed him lunch..  They picked him up from his AM class and changed his shirt, and gave him a washcloth bath (including getting chocolate ice cream out of his ear canals) before his PM class. 
They warned me that there was a chocolate covered shirt in my living room that would need attention, but I forgot all about it.  For atleast 2 days that Chocolate ice cream set in before I got off my butt had time to clean my living room.

This was the shirt before going into the washer.  No pretreatment, just tossed the very dry shirt in the washer.

This was the shirt after washing.

Not perfect, you can still see a few shadows of chocoate stains..  But NOT BAD considering how long it sat with out attention!

Home made laundry detergent ROCKS!

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