Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm not the only crafty one...

So we hated the mailbox that came with our house.   It was a really nice mailbox, but it required a key to unlock it, the locking mechanism was stiff enough the kids couldn't always get it to open, and I always had soggy mail when it rained.

Our mail lady HIT the mail box.  (OH DARN!)  (If I ever saw her, I'd probably hug her neck!  lol)
It wouldn't stand up straight anymore.  It had a metal cable running through the center of the stand, and it just kind of swayed in the wind.  LOL

So I put my handy hubby to the task of replacing the mailbox, and this is what he came up with!  (Isn't he awesome!??!  He came up with the idea, cut all those tubes and welded it all together himself!)
(Yeah, I'm supposed to be stenenciling our address and name on that box any day now...  LOL)

So as it turns out, the mailbox we hated....  They are designed to take a hit, and had we known, we could have snaped the stand right back in place...  AND when we were cleaning off the evidence of the "accident" it was involved in, we noticed that who ever put it together didn't align everything right, which was why it was hard to unlock and leaked when it rained.  So now all the things we hated about it are fixed.  LOL

Its for sale on craigslist if anyone is interested. 

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