Saturday, April 17, 2010

Give me 2 yards....

So my friend was sending Andra a dress...  What I thought was a spring dress, that could be worn for Easter.  I was mistaken and it turned out to be an all navy blue dress - not what people here in Oklahoma would consider an acceptable Easter dress.

So off to the craft room I head - with one of Andra's tank tops in hand for reference.  I didn't want to spend any money on fabric, incase it turned out badly (as some sewing projects inevitably do!)  - then I wouldn't be out fabric $ AND a last minute dress!  (I was already going to have to go buy bigfoot some new shoes - the 2s from last spring are far too small for her size 4 to 5 feet!!)

I had some springy looking fabric left over from when I made my bible cover this winter and a zipper from another project I never finished..

A little newspaper patterning with her tanktop, a little swearing, a few pokes in the fingers with pins and VOILA dress top to try on...  When I was satisfied with the top of the dress (3 fittings, 2 sewn adjustments, and one case of mommy begging later), I jumped on google, looked up directions for a full circle skirt, figured out how much fabric I would need for the skirt, and headed off to Hobby Lobby (its like a crack house for crafters - if you've never been, I highly suggest going!). I went on a hunt for some kind of swishy skirt fabric for the bottom of the dress.  I found one that I thought was a complimentary color for the top and took it to the cut counter. 
The hateful bitties at the counter looked at the bolt of fabric on the counter and the top of the dress in my hand and said "The colors go really well, but I sure wouldn't mix cotton and satin like that..."
My reply  was:  "Give me two yards.."  (Which was the nicest way I could think to say "I really could give a crap what your opinion is.."  )
I spent about $4 on the satin for the skirt with my 40% off coupon, and $2 on thread to match the satin (which I didn't end up needing)...

I really didn't like the way the top transitioned into the skirt - and didn't want to admit that the bitties ladies at Hobby Lobby were right, so I dug out a really wide matte satin ribbon from my stash and VOILA - a dress Andra can twirl her brains out in!
(And thats actually long enough for her!!)

 I couldn't find a way to "finish" the bottom of the dress, so I trimmed off any loose threads and put some fraycheck around the bottom to keep it from fraying.. (I was totally out of time!)

I think I'm going to get a thinner brown ribbon and trim the bottom of the skirt in that, to give it a true finish.

And she matched my bible cover perfectly!

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