Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An Inexpensive Halloween Wreath

So on one of my many adventures of window shopping through Michaels I saw a Martha Stewart Halloween wreath making kit.  It was all black and silver paper leaves that you attached to a small metal ring.  The picture on the packaged looked cool, but I REFUSED to pay $15 for a wreath that would probably only last  a year.  But I really liked the way the wreath looked in the picture and couldn't just leave well enough alone...

So I dropped by the Dollar Tree, and spent $1 on one of those leaf garlands in fall colors.  $1 on a foam wreath ring.
Other items I used from my craft stash at home:
Floral Tape, $1 dollar tree
black and silver craft paint, and glitter 50c (when on sale at Hobby Lobby or Michaels)
wire cutters (because the leaf stems have wires running through them sometimes..)
Cost:  Less than $5 (really it only cost me $2, but if you had to buy everything new, minus the tools, less than $5.)
(The King made it into my picture, but the garland didn't, I have no idea..)

I clipped all the stems off the garland, leaving as much of the stem on the leaf as possible and painted 1/2 to 2/3 of the leaves black (sprinkling a little of the glitter on the leaves while the paint was still wet, to adhere to.)
I painted a thin layer of the silver over the yellow and orange leaves, you could still see the color, but it was a silvery color (I could have painted another coat or two to cover the orange and yellow-ness with all silver, but I kind of like the way it looked..)

Then using the floral tape, I started attaching the leaves (all the tips pointed the same direction), dispursing the silvery ones through out..

And for added measure, on my door...
This wreath still looks the same, is 3 years old and survived the move back from Colorado to Oklahoma.. 

I love it so!  :D

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